The Harbor Point website has two parts. The first is this public-facing website with general information about the community. The second part is the Residents-only Portal. When you click on “Resident Sign In” at the top of the home page, it takes you to the portal, which is actually a separate site.

The Communications Committee and the Board of Directors will work to develop content for the public-facing website. What is here now is just a start. If you have suggestions for content, please share your suggestions with the Communications Committee.

The Residents-Only Portal is quite different. It looks and works differently from the public website and uses the Frontsteps platform. The purpose of the portal is to communicate easily and effectively with our property managers at TWC Management. The portal connects directly to TWC’s software system and allows residents to view their current account balance, make and check the status of maintenance requests, view the resident directory, complete forms, and so on. Many of the advantages of the portal will not be readily visible to residents but will make the work of the board and management company more efficient, which should in turn result in better service to residents.

Like the public website, the portal, too, is still in development. The board is examining the features of the platform and working with TWC to figure out how best to use them. There will be more communication from the board and TWC about these features as they come on line.


The Resident Portal may be accessed via a web browser or on a phone or tablet using the Frontsteps App available on Apple and Google Play. If you do not yet have a username and password set up for the Portal, click on “Request Login” on the main menu above. Both homeowners and tenants may access the portal, although information particular to owners, such as account balances, are not visible to tenants. Tenants are able to be listed in the resident directory, place classified ads, make maintenance requests, and review newsletters, rules, and policies.

Resident Directory

The Directory is located in the portal under Quick Actions. All resident information in the portal is hidden from view until the resident elects to make it visible. When you sign into the portal, click on your name at the top of the page, then select Settings to review your contact information and make your profile visible. This will enable your neighbors to see your name and a phone number and/or email, but this information will not be on the open internet. Please note that the option to make your information viewable is not available using the mobile app, only through a full web browser.

Maintenance Requests

In the resident portal under Work Orders, you are able to make maintenance requests. By using the portal rather than calling or emailing the TWC office, all requests are entered in a way that the property managers and board members can all see them as well as TWC’s response and status updates. Residents will see the response and updates to only their own questions.

Photo by Jim Forestell