Trash Service

Trash, recycling and snow removal services are provided to Harbor Point residents; the cost is included in the monthly condo association fee.

All garbage must be placed in the dumpsters. No garbage cans, containers or bags can be placed in public areas. Please have contractors remove debris rather than use the dumpsters as they are for residential trash only. Contact TWC to arrange for individual pick up for large items. The dumpsters are emptied on Monday, Thursday, and Saturday mornings. Recycling is picked up on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Recycling Guidelines

Recycling has changed. Things that used to be acceptable are no longer, and many things people throw away are actually recyclable.

Glass is no longer accepted in our dumpsters on the property but can be taken to community glass collection sites. The nearest one is at the back of the parking lot at the intersection of Reston Parkway and Fox Mill Road.  (See story on Fairfax glass program.)

Boxes should be broken down before being placed in dumpsters.


Snow Removal

In general, plowing and shoveling start when there is approximately 2 inches of accumulation, but that can vary depending on the weather prediction. For example, if there will only be 3 inches total, it would be best for them to wait until the snow stops instead of plowing and shoveling at 2 inches and then again at the end. Alternatively, if it is going to snow a lot, say 10 inches, the contractor will probably make several passes as the snow comes down. Where the snow gets piled depends on how dense and/or icy the snow is. The contractor tries not to block driveways, storm drains, dumpsters and reserved parking spaces, although with the limited space available and with very large accumulations sometimes this is almost impossible. Keep in mind that snow removal is not an exact science as no one ever knows what Mother Nature will do!