Harbor Point has a waterfront boardwalk and 68 boat slips available for deck or pontoon boats as well as onsite storage for canoes, kayaks and other portable boats.

All boat slips are currently assigned.  Wait times for an available slip vary; the average wait in 2021 was five months. Contact TWC Management for the more information about the waiting list.

Please note: If you are purchasing a home at Harbor Point, the boat and/or boat slip do not convey with the sale. New homeowners who would like a slip should sign up for the waiting list by contacting TWC Management.

Registration of Deck or Pontoon Boats

All boats used on the lake must be registered with both Harbor Point and Reston Association and meet the guidelines established by both entities. Boats must display both registration stickers.

See the Reston Association Boat Guide for detailed information and regulations on the size and types of boats permitted.

Step 1: Complete the Harbor Point Boat Slip Application Form and submit to the property manager at TWC Management.

Step 2: Await assignment of a slip; since there are 100 homes and only 68 slips at Harbor Point, not everyone can have a slip. If all slips are full, residents are placed on a waiting list until space is available. Boat slips are assigned by the volunteer Dock and Boardwalk Committee.

Step 3: Once approved for a boat slip, complete the Permanent Mooring Permit Application for Reston Association and submit it to TWC Management for cluster approval. This allows Reston Association to verify that a slip has been approved and assigned. Upon approval, TWC will forward the application to Reston Association.

Step 4: Submit payment for the annual permit fee via WebTrac. Fees vary depending on the size of the boat; see the application for more information. It is listed in WebTrac under Aquatics Passes.

Step 5: Each year, boat owners must reapply for a Permanent Mooring Permit and pay the annual fee. They complete the same Permit Application Form and send it to TWC Management for cluster approval. TWC will forward the application on the Reston Association to complete the process.

Registration of Canoes, Kayaks, and other Portable Boats

Step 1: Complete the Harbor Point Portable Boat Registration Form and receive a Harbor Point registration sticker.

Step 2: Obtain a General Lake Access Pass from Reston Assocation. Passes are free of charge and available to Harbor Point residents from Reston Association’s offices at 12001 Sunrise Valley Drive, Reston, VA 20191.

Picture of Deck Boat

Photo by Jim Forestell