Of the 100 units at Harbor Point, 78 have one or more garage spaces. Two-car garages are often shared between two units. All garages are currently assigned, and either your unit has one (or more) or not, so it is rarely possible to get a garage if you do not have one. The units that do have garages are charged a monthly $25 fee that is used for maintenance and upkeep. The 22 units that do not have garages have a reserved parking space instead.

Parking Spaces

Each unit owner without an assigned garage space is given one assigned parking space designated with the word “Reserved” stenciled on the curb. Unit owners with an assigned space are issued two parking tags. The tag with the letter “R” followed by a number must be used when parking in the assigned space, and may not be used to park in any other space. The other tag, which consists of numbers only, can be used to park in any unassigned space. Unit owners with garages are issued one numbered parking tag that can be used to park in any unassigned space. Parking tags are removable and transferable from one vehicle to another. Vehicles found using a tag reported as lost are subject to towing. Lost parking tags can be reissued by TWC for a $500 fee.

No commercial vehicles, RVs, or boats are permitted, except contractor vehicles doing work on the property during business hours. The towing company regularly patrols the parking lot during evenings and weekends and will tow vehicles without a parking permit.